Daftar chapter AlterNate


  1. Something That I Never (Wanna) Know
  2. The Knight, The Wizard, And The Dragon
  3. Hello To The Abyss
  4. Craving For Happiness
  5. Goodbye, Ignorant Days


  1. Explosives Everywhere
  2. Creation Of Style
  3. Chemistry Of Light And Heat
  4. I Wish I Could Be A Maid


  1. Boundary Of Alpha And Beta
  2. Doppelganger, Aboard!
  3. All-Star Assembly
  4. Countdown To The Show
  5. Street Boys' High Five


  1. Intruders On The Island
  2. You Won't Say That
  3. Roger Daniel And The Precious Stone
  4. Counter Crush
  5. Operation Destruction


  1. My Past Is In The Future
  2. The World Is Mine
  3. Narrow Space
  4. Like Grandfather, Like Grandson


  1. Would You Believe In Magic?
  2. The Seven Rings Of Sins
  3. Duel Castle
  4. A Proximity Value
  5. Yin And Yang
  6. Twin's Independence War


  1. Mystical Sisters
  2. Dimsel In Distress
  3. A Fairytale-like Person
  4. Here Comes The Monsters!
  5. Beautiful Heart


  1. My Family Is The Agent?
  2. Voice Of Truth
  3. Lingering Feelings
  4. Darkside Of The Hidden Surface
  5. Farewell For Now


  1. Over The Rainbow
  2. Please, Lend Me Your Strength!
  3. Regret. Sorrow. End.
  4. Center Of The Universe
  5. An All-Out Battle
  6. Even If God Exists....
  7. Alternate Historia
  8. Epilogue ~ IncarNate

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